The most annoying zombies in PvZ 2

Andrew Adams, Academics Plus

In Plants Vs. Zombies 2, you time travel to many different eras to fight zombies from the past, present, and future. The zombies and plants that you find along the way have many unique attributes. But today, we are just going to focus on the zombies that want to make you stop playing for the rest of the day. So let’s get started!


This zombie, like the others on this list, is quite annoying. What this zombie does is kind of gross, so please bare with me. You see, The Tomb Raiser vomits bones that he throws into a random lane on your lawn. As you might have guessed by his name, this bone creates a tombstone that blocks straight projectiles from hitting zombies in this lane. So if there are a lot of Tomb Raisers on the lawn at one time, it would very be very hard to kill the zombies.


The Imp Cannon…is a cannon full of imps. “What is an Imp?” I hear you asking yourself. Well, I’ll tell you: An Imp is basically a tiny zombie. The Imp Cannon fires Imps into the middle of the lawn every few seconds. If it’s not destroyed fast enough, the cannon explodes and Imps are fired all over the lawn. The Imps may be small, but they sure do have a big appetite. So be careful of these pesky little zombies.


The Pianist Zombie may be slow, but he can be quite deadly. Imagine this scenario: You’re in “The Wild West”, Cowboy Zombies are coming for you, then this guy rolls onto the lawn. He starts to play his music, which makes the Cowboys start to dance. The Cowboys switch lanes every few seconds, which makes them harder to hit. If you want them to stop switching lanes, you need to stop the music. To do that, you need to kill The Pianist. The Pianist will crush your plants, so you better get rid of him before he does some real damage.


Straight out of the frozen wasteland of the Ice Age, this zombie creeps up to give your plants some serious “freezer burn”. The Hunter comes equipped with some dangerous weapons: Snowballs. At first, it may look like this guy doesn’t do much. But then he throws a snowball at the plant nearest to him in his lane. He throws three snowballs at a time, which traps your plant in solid ice! Your better melt the ice before the Hunter hunts YOU down!


This zombie, like The Hunter, also comes equipped with a weapon: A shovel. The Excavator holds his shovel in front of him, which makes him immune to straight projectile attacks! Not only that, but if he encounters a plant, he digs it up and throws it a few tiles behind him! This guy is faster than your average zombie, so you better find another way to kill him before he makes it to your house, and digs your grave!


Oh gosh, where do I start with this “bundle of joy”? The Mecha-Football zombie drives a robot that resembles a modern football helmet. If the robot encounters a plant, it pushes all the plants in that lane back one tile. As you would probably imagine, this robot is tough to destroy. But never fear! There is a plant you can use to delay the robots. But this doesn’t last forever, so build up your defense and defeat these fearsome future robots!


The King zombie, himself, doesn’t do much at all. But when he does, you wish he was never given that crown. The King seeks out Peasant zombies so that he can turn them into Knight zombies. Knight zombies are tougher than an average zombie because of their helmets. So you can see why the King zombies are so annoying. Once all zombies are defeated except for the King, the King dies anyway. So either defeat the King immediately, or defeat his giant undead army!


The Boombox zombie is annoying and relaxing at the same time. Once he reaches the third or fourth tile on your lawn, he lifts up his boombox to play his music. This soothing ballad stuns the plants for about ten seconds or so. This allows the other zombies on the lawn to advance while your plants are momentarily stunned. The music only lasts for a bit, but you still better be careful of these POWERFUL jams!


I’m going to be straight with you, The Bully zombie is VERY stupid. He is so stupid in fact, he doesn’t follow logical laws of physics! What I mean by this is that he cannot be pushed back by a plant that you get in his era, “The Primal Peashooter”. The Primal Peashooter pushes back every zombie except him, so he is very dangerous. The Bully zombie may be slow and stupid, but he is very strong. If he gets in front of a hoard of zombies, it’s about the equivalent of doomsday.


Oh boy, here we go. The Octo zombie is one of the most hated zombies in the game. He has pet squids all over his body, and he walks about as fast as an elderly woman. But here’s what really makes him hated: Every few seconds he throws one of his pet squids at the plant nearest to him. The squids can be destroyed to recover your plants, but Mr. Octo won’t stop throwing until he’s dead. So if you want to literally “keep your head”, destroy him and his slippery seafood friends.


Before I talk about this guy, I will answer this question I know you are thinking. NO. HE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A REFERENCE TO THE DANG MEME! Anyway, The All Star zombie is a strong football player, or at least he used to be. He sprints onto the lawn at the speed of a racecar, and tackles the first plant he encounters. Once he tackles a plant, he walks at the speed of an Octo zombie. So as long as he tackles something far forward that you don’t care about, you’ll be fine. But this zombie can also be a double-whammy with another zombie: The Super Fan Imp. If this Imp is in a lane and the All Star runs into him, he launches across the screen! Once he lands in the back of your defences, he explodes, and destroys your back lines. So watch you better watch your behind or you’ll have to pay the price!

So these are the most annoying zombies in Plants Vs. Zombies 2 (in my opinion). I hope you enjoyed and learned how to defend yourself from these foolish ghouls! Thank you and have a good day!