NASA Astronaut from Stockton says virgin galactic voyage brings new normal for space travel

A NASA Astronaut from Stockton likes the idea of virgin space travel flights for anyone that can afford it.

Jose Hernandez said that three different companies are viable to bring people to space. He thinks of it as a new type of space race. Jose said that in a heartbeat he would go up to space.

Hernandez visited the International Space Station in 2009. He loved seeing the world in a new way and would love for other people to see it too.

Hernandez also said that Virgin, the company that just released a ship into space and back again, could offer much faster travel on earth with the new technology they bring.

Hernandez said if Virgin made an airline with their plane, you could go from New York to Singapore in an hour as opposed to 14. Jose said that fewer than 600 people have experienced space, the virgin galactic will change that.