Italy wins Euro 2020

On July 11, the European Cup for soccer concluded with the championship, Italy versus England.

It was held in England, and England was said to be in favor of winning. Also, England had never won a Euro final, while Italy had.

At the beginning of the match, England had a hot start. A defender from England was able to score in the second minute of play. This was the fastest goal of the whole tournament.

Throughout the rest of the first half, Italy had gotten a couple of chances to score but could not finish. In the second half, Italy was able to score a goal and England’s goalie was inches away from sending the ball out of bounds away from the goal.

The match would end up going to penalty kicks, with a score of 1-1. England took a good start, making their first two while Italy missed their second penalty.

However, Italy fought back and won, beating England in PKs 3-2. This was one of the most dramatic soccer games the world had seen in a while, and a sporting event you have to watch.