Hollywood hits to watch out for

Hollywood has some great movies and entertainment this year so far but there’s more coming out that you do not want to miss.

Marvel has been on a roll this year — releasing three T.V shows and the new Black Widow movie which I’m really excited for. The three shows are Wanda Vision, Falcon and Winter Soldier, and my personal favorite Loki. Spider-Man 3 No Way Home is supposed to come out this year. It has been a long time since a Spider-Man movie.

But Marvel isn’t the only ones making movies. In the Heights is about a Latino community trying to make a living. It’s a musical movie by the same guy who made Hamilton. Another Big movie is Space Jam with LeBron James. I’m sure you’ve seen the original Space Jam with Michal Jordan. It’s basically a star basketball player who has to help Looney Toons characters defeat Super Monsters.

Those are just some of the movies you should look out for. There are still plenty more you could watch.