U.S. Companies getting hacked

The U.S. president Joe Biden threatened Vladimir Putin to make sure the Russian hackers stop hacking U.S. companies. Joe Biden says there will be consequences.

According to the U.S.A., Russian cyber attackers have tacit knowledge, and there is lots of ransomware happening. All of these hacks from Russia have put pressure on Biden to do something. And it is heard that a hacker from Russia has disabled about 1,500 companies in a month.

When Joe Biden met in Geneva with Putin, he provided 16 sectors that cannot be hacked. But the president is probably saying this because he can’t do too much about the hackers, but the 16 sectors are the things he absolutely does not want to be hacked. Overall, there are lots of hackers taking ransom in Russia to get money from American businesses and Joe Biden is trying to stop all these hackers.