Opinion: My thoughts on social media

Social media can be good or bad depending on what you are looking at or doing.

Some examples of good things on social media are being able to call family members that you don’t normally see or you can play games. You can also have conversations with your friends when you call them or text them.

If you are working on an assignment at school or if you are working on an assignment at work, the internet will provide all kinds of information for you.

People can use websites that make things easier, for example, citing things. People can also make social groups such as Facebook groups.

On social media, businesses can advertise commercials and get people to buy their products.

While social media has good things about it, it has bad things about it too.

Some examples of bad things on the internet are inappropriate websites or websites that encourage you to do bad things.

If you are on social media too much it can make you lazy and less smart and sometimes socially awkward.

Sometimes when people look at bad websites it can affect them in a bad way and if they are at school they can get in trouble if any teachers see what they were looking at.

People often get cyberbullied on social media. Sometimes people have peer pressure coming from a friend or someone they know and part of the time they end up doing what the person wanted them to do.

Social media can also make people depressed and unhappy and they may not want to talk to people.