Coaching the future stars


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Coach Doug Friedman

Since 1985, Doug Friedman has been coaching basketball players from middle schools to a professional league in Denmark.Coach Friedman now coaches the Jesuit Freshman basketball team as he has been doing since 2015. He prepares his players for varsity level by teaching them to play for each other.

“I want my guys to understand the game,” Coach Friedman said. “I don’t want them to understand only the offense or their part in the offense, but understand the greater picture.”

Coach Friedman thinks that if they have the understanding of the game, they can adapt at higher levels of basketball. Also he said the players need to have the skill level and the athleticism, but be willing to put in the time to get better.

Coach Friedman is low key coach but energetic when he needs to be. He wants his players to have equal strength in both offense and defense because the defense triggers the fast breaks which lead to easy layups. If they cannot get to the basket immediately, then he wants them to pass and cut to make a shot.

Last season, Coach Friedman thinks that his team could’ve done a little bit better, but he said he’s happy with his team so long as they learn from their losses and they “battle all the way.”