A winning brotherhood


Jesuit High School Carmichael

Liam Johnson ’17 poses with family and coaches for 2017 senior day. | Jesuit Communications

Marcello Gabrielli and Jack Herne

The championships. The meet you’ve been waiting for this whole season. You have only lost one meet to Davis High School. Now you are here, ready to make the comeback! The end of the meet is here, and it seems even though the odds were against you, Jesuit High School still managed to come out on top. Even surpassing Davis and Franklin High School, the two most competitive teams this year!

“The Team is built around our times and our brotherhood,” Liam Johnson ‘17, swim team member, said while thinking about the team’s success.

Being successful in swim is hard. It is a sport with a lot of muscle movement involved. However, swimming can be quite fun.

“I just love the water. I love swimming, just something about sitting underwater, just being surrounded by the water while still having control,” said Liam.

Liam has been swimming since he was five years old, and that practice prepared him for high school swim.

“[My fastest time in high school] was my 100 yard backstroke. I got a 53.54, I think. Sophomore year I got a 36.9 which was first place for their JV sections,” said Liam.

The rest of the team is working hard, too, to perform well.

“There’s also a sense that the other swimmers on our team get their best times too. So it’s not just like what we want but how the overall team performs that we, I think helps us thrive,” said Liam.

Jesuit swim will continue to work hard together to keep up their victories.