The Academics Plus difference


Academics Plus students enjoy pool time | Jesuit Communications

“The Energy!” said Director of Admissions Mr. Joshua Palone ‘99.

That’s what sets Academics Plus apart from other camps. Started two decades ago, Academics Plus has evolved to 300 campers this camp gives a contrast between sports and classroom work.

“It gives more of a choice or opportunity to learn,” Coach Palone said. “Say you’re amazing at math but don’t know how to play basketball. Well that gives us an opportunity to help them learn everything not just math. And it doesn’t matter who wins or loses if you learn the sport or make friends because that right there is the meaning of brotherhood.”

At a camp this much activity, discipline has to be enforced.

“Discipline is taken very seriously here at camp,” said Coach Palone. “The point of discipline is not to yell and scream at the child but to mold and teach him the right or more appropriate actions. But it really depends on the gravity of the situation[…] If [bad behavior] is the usual behavior of a kid, maybe Jesuit is not the right school for him.”

Coach Palone looks for counselors that will direct the campers in the right direction.

“We look for people who we know are going to be patient, that have good energy,” Coach Palone said. “We need these traits in a counselor because at the end of the day we need the kids to have a fun and enjoyable experience.”

Academics Plus is an enjoyable summer camp because of the strong connection between the counselors and the campers.