Cooking with a purpose


In comparison to past years, the quality of Jesuit High School’s food has improved. Unlike other schools, Jesuit’s food is not shipped in; it is made entirely from scratch, from local ingredients.The one that makes it all possible is Head Chef at Jesuit’s Epicurean cafe, Mr. Trang Chung.

Mr. Chung has been a chef for 17 years. He attended Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Minnesota. He has been working at Jesuit for about two years now.

“Cooking for the boys is a plus because they like our food,” Chef Chung said. “I became a chef because I enjoy making people happy. Giving food to people always puts a smile on their face even the angriest person will smile if the food is good.”

The ingredients Jesuit uses in their food are shipped in weekly from local companies and farms such as Coke Farms, Star Ranch Farms and Garden Valley. Jesuit chose to partner with these companies because their fresh, organic ingredients make the food really good, especially because “it is made with love,” said Mr. Chung.