Having fun by learning to work and play hard

Academics Plus is a summer camp offered at Jesuit High School that allows campers to make new friends while learning to work hard and play hard.

”I would hope that [what] the campers take away from Academics Plus are friendships and some fun memories, and I hope they take [away] leadership and [a will] to work hard,” said Mr. Josh Palone ‘99, director of Academics Plus.

The purpose of the camp is for future Jesuit students to become familiar with the school and campus, to refresh what the student learned during the school year, and to keep them active over the summer.

“We tried to get more young men on the the campus [and] exposed to Jesuit High School, to learn what we offer here, and to offer a fun camp that kept young men active during the summer,” Mr. Palone said.

Some of the possible additions in the future Academics Plus program could be elective classes focusing on things like Minecraft, robotics, skateboard engineering, and more.

“It would be a pretty cool opportunity if guys got to choose one of their classes,” Mr. Palone said. “I think there’s some real opportunities like that in high school and college, so it’d be fun for guys to see that at [their] age school can be a lot of fun.”

In the Academics Plus program, the teachers and counselors make learning fun and interactive among the campers. Ensuring a summer the campers will never forget is a key goal for the camp.