Cooking with the Lord

Matthew Sliger and Jadi Howard

At Jesuit High School chef David Bowens cooks not just with his peers, but also with the Lord.

“When I work, I have Jesus with me, asking for his help, he helps me out-that’s why the food is so good. We got God,”Chef David Bowens said.

Chef David has been working at Jesuit for 3 years and has remained motivated to do a great job in preparing the food for the hungry kids on campus.

“I think Chef [David] is an unbelievable chef in terms of preparing food, but even more I  love the aspect he adds to our culture here at Jesuit; he brings a positive spiritual attitude every day,” said Mr. Tim Kelly, assistant dean of students at Jesuit and someone who frequently eats Chef David’s food.

Chef David has also been cooking for a decade, at major food chains like Denny’s, so he knows a lot about the kitchen.

“I cooked at Capital Christian [High School], Denny’s, Carrol’s, a lot of [different places],”Chef David said.

Chef Bowens does not just cook to get money, but he cooks because he loves it and it’s his passion. 

“I like to feed people; and I like to see people eat,” said Chef David.

Everyday Chef David brings the Lord to the kitchen and prepares the great food for Jesuit’s students and guests.