Andrew Huitt ’15 is taking his track career to college

Logan Mcquoid and Jack Tilton

Andrew tried out for many sports, but wasn’t as “skilled” as other athletes because he did not have many of the things that other players had, like size and strength.

“I was a bench player for every sport I played, I couldn’t play much sports because of size and skill.  Swim just wasn’t clicking for me so I went out for the first practice of track and cross country, and then the season took off,” Mr. Huitt said.

Mr. Huitt continued to run track and cross country, but he had to be sure they didn’t interfere with work. 

“Track and cross country never interfered with school that much, except for homework, and usually we had to skip last period for track and only two or three days for cross country,” Mr. Huitt said.

Now, he is going as he heads to college to run track, he also has to figure out his major, and later figure out which job and company he would like to work for.

“I wish to major in something along business, and I love to travel, so maybe global marketing. But [I] may want to switch majors, but for now, business and later hope to work for a major sports company like Nike or Adidas in Portland.” said Andrew.

Andrew is going to the University of Portland where he is going to run track and cross country.

Andrew Huitt has found his love for running and has big things coming in his life, like running for his new college.