Saving lives and teaching values

Max Xavier: lifeguard at pool time, counselor for the rest of the day.

Max was a goalie for Jesuit High School water polo last year, and his love for water polo inspired him to become a lifeguard, a skill he has put to use this summer at Academics Plus as a counselor.

“Working as an Academics Plus counselor and lifeguard is a lot of fun, it is a certain amount of pressure, but it pays off a lot. Getting to meet everybody, but making sure they will have fun in a safe way and have great a experience,” Max said.

Max truly enjoys his job at Academics Plus, as a lifeguard and a counselor.

“It’s the best job I’ve had so far, it’s a lot of fun and pretty exciting, and it’s a fun way to meet [future Marauders],” Max said.

Even though he likes his job as a lifeguard, Max might get a different job once he goes to college. He will miss working for Academics Plus, but he will enjoy his new job during and after college.

“I might get a different job when I‘m in college, and after college as well… and I’m going to go to college for photography and digital media, so I’ll be designing things, and I’m going to take a minor in business,” Max said.

Max Xavier has had fun being a lifeguard and counselor at Jesuit High School’s  Academics Plus program, but will move on to other jobs in college and after.