Ten year tradition continues

Dominic LeLouis and Tian Torres

After graduating from Jesuit High School 13 years ago, a former marauder continues to return during the summers to give back the education that Jesuit gave him. He went to Jesuit from 1998 to 2002.

Mr. Michael McCrimons currently teaches second grade at St. Francis Elementary school, and he enjoys it.  But, in the summer, he teaches at Jesuit Academics Plus because he enjoys the Jesuit community.

“I have been doing Academics Plus for over 10 years, I enjoy it, I like the people that run it, and I enjoy being back at Jesuit,” Mr. McCrimons said.

When Mr. McCrimons came back to Jesuit, he noticed that lots of things have changed over time. The biggest change for him is the sports programs.

“I feel nostalgic because I went here back in 98-02, and a lot has changed.  So, I feel fine on campus, but outside with the sports stuff I feel a little lost,” Mr. McCrimons said.

Even though the campus has changed, Mr. McCrimons still likes Jesuit.

“If I wanted to teach high school, I would definitely try to get a job here,” Mr. McCrimons said.

Mr. McCrimons has worked many years at Academics Plus, and continues to inspire students to this day.