Ready for athletic director

Cole Snay and Michael Gisla

Every coach has their first experience as a leader, and this leadership role prepares them for the rest of their life.

For Mr. Greg Harcos ‘89, his first experience as a leader was at St. Ignatius Elementary School. St. Ignatius was a great starting point for him, helping him learn lessons about leadership that he will implement in his new role as Athletic Director for Jesuit High School.

“St. Ignatius was a great place to start and I learned a lot, we ended up winning the championship which made me even hungrier to try and succeed,” said Mr. Harcos.

Many students come to Jesuit for the athletics, where they can learn to be Men For Others.

“A lot of kids come to Jesuit for the athletic program and it is important to give a visual and a representation of athletics that mirrors with what we are trying to do as a school and being Men For Others,” said Mr. Harcos.       

Generally, the students who come to Jesuit like the program and learn to lead. Mr. Harcos will try to continue that tradition.