Opinion: Video games should be cheaper


Joe Watanabe '21

From left to right: John Romero ’21, Gabriel De La Torre ’21, Daniel Krueger ’21, and Henry Krueger ’21 playing NBA2K21 ahead of Jesuit’s NBA2K tournament during the school’s first Spirit Activity of the semester on Wed., Jan. 13, 2021.

I think video games should be cheaper because if a kid wanted to buy a video game, he probably would not have enough money.

Even if they save up their allowance for a year or two to have enough to buy a game, that’s such a long time, especially if they got a low allowance of like 10 dollars.

By the time they have enough money, the game could be sold out. And parents would buy them more. The cons are the company would not get as much money as usual. But if physical copies aren’t cheaper, companies should at least make digital copies cheaper and not sell them for full price. I believe this because digital copies are just saved to the console whereas physical copies take more money to make because of the cost of discs.