Opinion: Doctor Abiy Ahmed will reunite Ethiopia

There is civil unrest going on in Ethiopia. During an election, there is a war going on between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the regional Ethiopian government.

Doctor Abiy Ahmed came into power three years ago and saved the country from complete failure. The former prime minister had resigned and Abiy fixed up the country even though there was not a full-on election for him to take the position.

Now in 2021, Abiy is running for the true title and most of Ethiopia is up for him to be prime minister because he fixed up the country. But the TPLF party has other plans. Many of the Tigray group members are fighting back and causing a ruckus during the election.

Right now, Dr. Abiy is showing a clear lead and most of the Ethiopian population loves him. I appreciate that he saved my home country from poverty and so does most of the country. He has many plans to further better the country technologically and politically.

Ethiopia has grown much recently because of Abiy’s leadership and I would like to see him further his ideas through his next five years of being prime minister of Ethiopia.

According to reports from Ethiopian news officials and an article by Reuters, almost 10 regions are having trouble opening ballot stations or have not been able to open any at all. This is because almost 2.5 million people have were displaced after the civil war that occurred last November.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Abiy wrote: “All sections of society have gone out to cast their vote in our nation’s first free and fair election.”

As I can tell from Dr. Abiy’s quote, he is trying to get a fair election for all people, but the Tigray group has constantly been starting fighting across the region — stopping some voting. When Abiy gets elected, he will reunite Ethiopia and bring great prosperity and greatness to the country.