Protesters clash with police in Hong Kong

The riots in Hong Kong have caused more than 50 injuries. The protests are against the Chinese government. Since the city used to be a part of Britain, the citizens weren’t ready to change to China’s laws. Many young protesters broke into the parliament building in the heart of Hong Kongs’ government. The police reacted with much force and threw tear gas at the protesters. 

For more than 150 years, Hong Kong was a colony and territory of the United Kingdom. On July 1, 1997, the UK handed Hong Kong back over to China. Even though Hong Kong is back in China’s hands, the streets still hold the same they did under British control. Also there are many British pubs and many still observe the custom of afternoon tea.

On Monday, July 1, about 550,000 protesters in Hong Kong smashed windows and stormed the parliament building. All of this shows that these Hong Kong riots are meaningful to the protesters and they will not stop until the government changes.