Reflecting on the last season


As point guard of the Jesuit High School varsity basketball team, Casey Gilles ’18 liked to take control of the court by running the plays that they worked on in practice.

At the start of the season, Casey was excited when he got on the Jesuit varsity basketball team, as there was a lot of competition. Yet, Casey was not unprepared when he came to tryout.

“I have been playing basketball since kindergarten, for about 12 years,” said Casey.              

Jesuit varsity basketball practiced every day. They started with a team warm up, then followed with five-spot shooting. In the middle of practice, they did layup drills and three man weaves. To finish off, the team did five vs five to work on all of the skills that they worked on in practice.

Casey focused on offense rather than defense because he liked taking far shots. In one game, he made three three-pointers. He played on the court inspired by his favorite team, the Sacramento Kings, and his favorite player, Dwayne Wade.

Although Casey will not be continuing his basketball career at the University of California, Los Angeles, he will be remembered as a great basketball player that works hard to succeed. He has learned to have a great work ethic and great teamwork, which he uses off the court as well.

“The sport is not just about competing to win, but having a good time and working hard to achieve what one desires to achieve with his teammates,” said Casey.