If you ever decide to go to Jesuit High School and want to play a sport, rugby is among one of the most common choices. The sport is an Australian mix of soccer and football, and Jesuit excels at it.

Each year Jesuit ranks nationally in the sport. Last year, they ranked 3rd, losing to the Fisher Tigers from Indiana. Jesuit faced them in round one in 2017, but since then it appeared that the team drastically improved and defeated Jesuit.

“I like coaching rugby because it gives me a chance to outlet my expertise,” said Coach Louis Stanfill ‘03, who has been coaching Jesuit rugby for three years.

His personal playing experience was going here to Jesuit, then graduating and playing rugby at Cal. Berkeley, and then playing for the U.S.A. national team.

“My favorite part about coaching Jesuit rugby is traditions and embroidery,” said Coach Stanfill.

Jesuit, then, has great players and coaches and are destined to do great next year.