Video game frenzy


Recently, the World Health Organization has declared addictive gaming a type of disorder.  At Jesuit High School’s Academics Plus camp, how do people themselves view video games?

Video games can affect students in malicious ways. Video games can be bad because they may cause students to act violently or damage their eyes or brains. The video games may also cause students to cuss or reenact violence that happens in the games. Medically, video games can also cause nearsightedness, blurriness, and Alzheimer’s disease.                                                                                

“Video games are not causing students to misbehave in class, but they can cause a big distraction from work,” said newspaper teacher Mr. Pavelchik.

Although many people think video games are bad, they can also be beneficial.  Video games can teach people self defense or mathematical skills. They can also relieve students from stress.

 “Well, it depends on what game you play.  If you are playing a strategic game, then it can teach you some mathematical skills,” said Academics Plus camper Zach Gray.

Video games can go either way then. Hopefully, campers will have a good experience with them.