Argentina and their big miss

Argentina and their big miss

Have you ever seen one of the world’s greatest players miss a game winning shot?

Argentina was tied with Iceland (1-1) in the sixty-third minute, and in the same minute Lionel Messi was ready to win the game for Argentina.

“My heart was pumping full of worry and memories at that moment,”said Messi.

Messi was referring to the penalty kick in his last Copa cup. Messi ended up missing Argentina’s entire shot for them to move on in the Copa cup.

Messi’s current rank is number one for goals and number two for points, which is about an 8.53 overall rating in all of FIFA and La Liga, so it was surprising to see someone as high ranking as Messi miss an (almost given) goal in the World Cup game against Iceland.

“It was an uncomfortable match for him and his teammates against Iceland, which plays with a new style of soccer,” said Jorge Sampaoli, a good teammate of Messi.

Turns out that everybody is human, even the legends of sports.