Mr. Palone: Not Your Everyday Model

Mr. Palone:  Not Your Everyday Model

Though Mr. Palone is an ex-model of fashion, he is also a great model for all Jesuit students and staff.

Mr. Palone is Jesuit’s current director of admissions at Jesuit, a position he has held for a few years.  He graduated from Jesuit in 1999, and he is the Junior Varsity soccer coach. He is the head of the Academics Plus and Junior Academics Plus summer camps at Jesuit.  

He is always very respectful and making sure that the school is in good shape.  He enjoys having conversations with his colleagues and he really enjoys the community of Jesuit.   

“For everybody to be successful, we are blessed to have a hard working community”, said Mr. Palone,’99.

Coach Palone also wants everybody to do their best and to work hard.  He also takes pleasure from the parents, faculty, and teachers at Jesuit High School.

Mr. Palone may be strict at times, but his rules help everybody become more respectful to others, their surroundings, and his rules help others become better people.  

Mr. Palone ended his fashion model career and started working at his old high school.  Not many people knew he was a model, but they do know he is a model of respect to everyone, the school and the community.