Opinion: Smartwater vs Dasani

Which is better? To answer this question, I will use sales figures and ingredients to decide. 

Starting with Smartwater, as of 2020, their sales were about $17 Million. After some analysis, a 22.7% growth was shown and it was estimated that by 2027 the sales will be about $71 Million. 

Dasani has a huge lead in sales with $765 Million. Dasani has some very interesting ingredients and I will explain each one. First is Potassium Chloride, (KCI), a type of fertilizer to increase the level of Potassium in the soil. 

KCI also has some health benefits if taken by mouth. It is used to increase the amount of potassium in someone’s blood, but if measured wrong it will cause Hyperkalemia which is when you have too much Potassium in the blood. 

The second ingredient is Magnesium Sulfate. This is also used for soil in agriculture. It is used to increase the amount of Magnesium in the soil. Magnesium Sulfate is used to make Epsom salts. This is how it can be used medically. 

Both of these minerals are known as electrolytes and there are five base components of an electrolyte. Sodium, chloride, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. All of these are a necessity in our blood for our cells to stay healthy. 

Now onto Smartwater. The first ingredient is Potassium Bicarbonate. This inorganic compound has many uses. It is used to put out fires and can lower pH in the soil. 

It is also used as a substitute for baking soda in baking. I believe it is added to the water to make it taste better and for its electrolyte purposes. 

Next is Magnesium Chloride. This is actually used to substitute Magnesium Sulfate in agriculture. This is another electrolyte and is needed for cells to function. 

Finally is Calcium Chloride. This is used to de-ice roads and is used as a drying agent. When consumed it supplies calcium and also is used in canned foods. 

Using all the ingredient-related evidence presented I believe that Smartwater is better for you and I personally think it tastes better, but if we look at the sales, Dasani presents itself as completely wiping out Smartwater. Overall, it is truly opinionated and hard to decide.