Opinion: Graffiti is art

Graffiti, you see it everywhere. It’s on trains, bridges, shirts, stickers, shoes, and phones. But what is it really? Is it an art form or an act of vandalism?

From my point of view, it is more one than the other. So let me explain why this is a piece of art.
Graffiti has been around since the ’80s and has taken the world by storm. You see it wherever you go but why is it classified as vandalism when you can see a lot of it has meaning or talent and hard work put into it. Graffiti is its own new form of art and, β€œIt’s only since the birth of advertising that it has become illegal to graffiti in public,” says Dan Pearce, an author, photographer, and artist.

Dan spends a lot of his time walking around London and looking at the grand pieces of artwork he sees. And in some cities in Europe like Berlin, there are tours to see all the pieces throughout the city and so you can appreciate what the artists have done. And if you disagree I can see your side of it that it’s ruining public property, but where you see the art it’s not ruining anything just making it better. And I want to ask you, how much good graffiti have you seen? If not that much, take some time and go look up graffiti or street art and just appreciate and even laugh at some of the stuff that these people have created and poured their work into. It is amazing some of the things people have done. Graffiti is art.