Opinion: Mookie Betts is the best player in MLB

There are a lot of good baseball players but some of them stand out more than others.

Some people think that Jacob Degrom, a pitcher, is the best player and other people disagree with that opinion. The people that disagree think that a position player for example Fernando Tatis Jr. is the best.

It is very hard to compare players in baseball. A pitcher can be so dominant and people will think that the guy with the most home runs is the best.

Even though the pitcher may have given up the least amount of home runs, people think that hitting home runs is cooler and harder than pitching a fastball or a curveball.

I think that it is harder to be a position player than a pitcher. My favorite player is Mookie Betts. He is a right fielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

At the moment he is batting .249 with 6 stolen bases, 28 RBI’s, and 9 home runs. Other people might say that Ronald Acuna Jr. is better than Mookie Betts. At the moment Ronald Acuna Jr. has a .285 batting average with 15 stolen bases, 45 RBI’s, and 20 home runs.

This season Ronald Acuna Jr. is having a better season than Mookie Betts but Mookie Betts has had a better career. Mookie Betts has played for 10 years and has a .297 lifetime batting average so far.

Acuna on the other hand has played for 3 years and lifetime batting average of .281. When you have a longer career it is harder to keep a good average.

Mookie Betts still has a lot of time left in the Major leagues but Ronald Acuna Jr. has more. Who knows one day maybe Ronald Acuna Jr. will be better than Mookie Betts one day. I think that you can only compare players to other players that play the same position.

My favorite quote from Mookie Betts is “This game is obviously about failure. You’re going to fail most of the time. It’s how you handle it.”