Opinion: Four-day workweeks are the future of America. 

Studies show that a four-day workweek is the future of America. 

Employees at Microsoft Japan, who work four days a week, had a productivity boost of 40% according to an article by NPR

Aside from improving the efficiency of employees, the four-day workweek saved Microsoft Japan money — dropping electricity bills by 23 percent. 

Another benefit of a shorter workweek is employees having a boost in morale. With a three-day weekend, people have more time to explore hobbies, spend time with family, and enjoy themselves. 

Microsoft Japan isn’t the only organization testing the concept of four-day workweeks. Perpetual Guardian, a New Zealand company, also tested the idea. 

Perpetual Guardian announced a 20 percent gain in employee productivity and a 45 percent increase in employee work-life balance. 

With fewer workdays proving to be beneficial in numerous ways, it’s clear the world needs to change and embrace four-day workweeks.