Night to Remember

The Frosh Overnight is the start of every student’s experience at Jesuit High School. The weekend of Aug. 24 saw the class of 2023 begin their high school journeys in the 31st annual Freshman Overnight Retreat.

The focus of the retreat is, of course, on the freshmen, but it could not happen without the participation of the senior Big Brothers. Having already experienced the retreat, the Big Brothers accompany the freshman class as they begin their time at Jesuit.

Michael Wyant ’20 was one of this year’s Big Brothers, and he was appreciative of the positive impact that the retreat had on his little brothers

“The overnight was received very well by my little brothers,” Michael said. “Not only did I develop a close relationship with my little brothers, but both of my little brothers also further developed their relationships with other members of their class.”

One of the many freshmen participating in the overnight retreat was Jamie Morfin ’23, and for him, the retreat came together when he went over to a senior’s house.

“My favorite part of the Frosh Overnight was when we went to the senior’s house and got in the pool and played ping pong and just had a great time,” Jamie said. “It changed my view of Jesuit in that I see it as a brotherhood now.”

Like the Big Brothers, the Junior Ground Crew also plays an important role in the Frosh Overnight, if a less conspicuous one. They ensure that the Big Brothers don’t have to worry about anything other than ensuring that the freshman have a meaningful experience.

For Carlo Pedoncelli ’21, a member of the ground crew, going to the retreat again brought back memories of his own experience as a freshman and how it changed his view of the school.

“I began to understand that Jesuit isn’t just a high school, not a place to go every day and just learn,” Carlo said. “It’s a place to make a difference. A place to meet new people, try new things, a place to create unforgettable memories with people you love.”

Without the help of guys like Carlo on the Junior Ground Crew, the senior Big Brothers, the parents who generously invited the retreat members into their homes, and of course, the faculty and staff, the overnight could not be a reality.

With the overnight now behind them, the school year will begin to really pick up for the freshman, but it’s likely that the retreat’s impact will be with them for the rest of their high school experience, if not the rest of their lives.