Freshman thoughts

The year is just over halfway done and the Freshman class has assimilated into the Jesuit High School culture. What do the Freshmen think so far?

“I think Jesuit is a really good school. It is a great community that you can easily be welcomed into,” said Nicholas Warshower ‘21. “I really enjoy hanging out with my friends and going to club meetings as well.”

Jesuit is known for being accepting and a school that allows students to be who they are and feel comfortable with who they are.  It is great that the Freshman class has started to experience this.

“I am really liking Jesuit. I have made a lot of new friends,” said Bradley Tucker ‘21. “I really like the environment as well.”

Not only have students enjoyed the social aspects of the school, but they are also finding the academics rewarding as well.

“I like Jesuit,” said Hunter Holloway ‘21. “The teachers are good, and I think the curriculum is good. I am learning a lot.”

It is important that Jesuit students take advantage of and appreciate all of the aspects Jesuit offers. The curriculum, teachers, social opportunities, clubs, and sports are all integral to Jesuit’s ultimate goal of forming men for others who are capable of being leaders in their communities.