Early Connections


Joe Courey '18

Johnathan Ahern ’18 Pictured with little brothers Trey Jacobi ’21 & Donovan Jasper ’21

Jesuit High School’s Big Brother Program matches incoming Seniors and incoming Freshman with the hope that Big Brothers will help Freshman adjust to high school life.

Typically, Seniors simply serve as a guide for the first few weeks of the school year; however, sometimes the pairing turns into an authentic friendship, with both the Freshmen and Seniors gaining from the connection.

Jonathan Ahern ’18 and his little brothers Trey Jacobi ’21 and Donovan Jasper ’21 are an example of what all Big Brother relationships could aspire to be. Jonathan has worked hard to help his Freshman brothers to acclimate to Jesuit, and both little brothers are thriving.

“I tried to help them avoid some of the first year pitfalls that I fell into,” said Jon. “When semester finals rolled around I sent them the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of how to study for finals.”

Jon made sure to get his little brothers involved at Jesuit. He led them around on Club Day in the fall and helped Donovan get involved in some tech clubs as well as introduced him to math teacher and club moderator Mr. Justin Tsai. He also invited them to join him for the stations of the cross services during Lent.

“He helped me figure out how to handle academics and makes sure I am doing my best in school and showed me what I can do to be a better ‘Man for Others,’” said Trey.

A major reason that Jon has devoted himself to being a great Big Brother is that he himself had a good Big Brother when he was a Freshman. Specifically, his Big Brother tried to help him make connections early.

“My Big Brother was really really cool, not just to me with my Freshman eyes, but to everyone,” said Jon. “I wanted to be just as cool. He introduced me to all the teachers that he had good rapport with; I did the same. I tried to make their new environment as familiar as possible.”

Jon was a good example for his little brothers from the beginning. He truly embodied the ideals that this institution preaches.

“He generously answered practical and logistical questions,” said Donovan, “But he helped me most by clearly showing me by his example that a ‘Man for Others’ can be much more than a motto.”

Jon’s efforts to welcome Trey and Donovan into the Jesuit community has made him an outstanding Big Brother that others would do well to model themselves after.