A dedicated servant in many ways, Ms. Colleen Arrigo retires from Jesuit

For Mrs. Colleen Arrigo, who retired from Jesuit High School Sacramento following the 2020-2021 school year, nurturing the “Men for Others” culture came in many forms. 

Mrs. Arrigo began working at Jesuit in 2000. She started out in the principal’s office where she served five principals, including current President Father John McGarry S.J.

When Fr. McGarry became president in 2018, Mrs. Arrigo chose to work with him again as Executive Assistant to the President, a position she held until her retirement. 

Fr. McGarry shares his gratitude for his longtime assistant. 

“[Mrs. Arrigo] is the consummate professional,” Fr. McGarry said. “She is very competent, efficient, organized and very good at what she does. Mrs. Arrigo is kind and respectful to everyone with whom she meets on the phone or here in the school offices. We will miss Mrs. Arrigo because of her great dedication and hard work for Jesuit High School, and because she has become a cherished friend to all of us. I will certainly miss her loyal assistance in the president’s office.”

Aside from assisting multiple principals and the president, Mrs. Arrigo fulfilled several other responsibilities.

“Mrs. [Margie] Wagner and I ran the Bookstore here on campus for many years and organized the Summer Book Sale, and I also took on the responsibility for assigning prefecting for teachers,” Mrs. Arrigo said. “When one of my office staff [members] retired, I assumed her role supporting the Assistant Principal for Instruction and Student Life, which meant that I helped coordinate Graduation and the Awards Convocation, among other things.” 

Reflecting on her 20 years at Jesuit, Mrs. Arrigo is thankful. 

“I have always felt blessed to be part of this community and I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the dedicated and talented teachers and staff here at Jesuit,” Mrs. Arrigo said. “My son graduated [from Jesuit] in 2008 and had a great education and experience here. I also want to mention how much I have enjoyed working with and getting to know our Board of Trustees.”

When it comes to retirement, Mrs. Arrigo has a lot of plans, including moving to Tennessee to be closer to her son and daughter-in-law. 

 “My husband and I are moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee,” Mrs. Arrigo said. “Our son and daughter-in-law are also moving there this summer. They plan to have a family, and we want to be nearby to be able to enjoy the grandchildren when that time comes. We will be house hunting for the immediate future, but after we get settled, travel is certainly on the list of things I’d love to get back to doing. I am looking at this move as a great adventure and a new chapter — the possibilities are endless.”

As she moves into the next chapter of her life, Mrs. Arrigo has the support of the Jesuit community, who will be forever thankful for her unwavering dedication and commitment to the school.