The history of video games

Video games have an interesting history. They were designed from people messing around and for rapid code breaking. People became bored and eventually started creating the games. The games have evolved over decades. One of the first games was called Tennis for Two. Pong also became very popular. They then turned into arcade games. One of the most popular games ever was PacMan. Another game called Space Invaders was one of the first shooter games ever. This inspired future first person shooting games. These arcade games later turned into what we know now as video game consoles. One of the first consoles was Atari. These kept being made. Some of the newer consoles include the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles. The video game consoles have evolved over periods of time. We mention the PlayStation, XBox, and the Nintendo game consoles. Now in modern day we now have Virtual Reality (VR) games. This is very popular and has earned a lot of money of this console. Another big form of the VR console is called the VR Oculus. You put the headset on and put controllers in your hand and move around. This is one of the newest and most modern forms of the video game world.