Minecraft’s new 2019 revival and how it could dethrone the world’s most popular game

About 10 years ago, the worldwide known game Minecraft was released by Mojang. The game was an instant hit, and remained so popular, that in 2014, Microsoft bought Mojang. By the start of 2017, Minecraft was losing players quickly and Youtubers, who made their living by playing the game, lost popularity and views on youtube, affecting their total income. While Minecraft was losing popularity, a small game at the time was in development.

Everybody now knows that game as Fortnite, the battle royale game that took the internet by storm. The only problem with Fortnite is that it was a bit too popular, and by that I mean way too popular. Other upstart games were immediately blown out of the water. Fortnite had started to turn into a game that was just too mainstream. Fortnite had hit its peak mainstream popularity around mid-2018, but the Minecraft producers at Microsoft were starting to pump out updates for Minecraft. 

By the start of 2019, many people were turning away from Fortnite, and Youtube’s recommended page had turned into nothing but Fortnite. The game was getting too repetitive, and if I know anything about gamers, they like unpredictable gameplay and new ideas. The Minecraft Reddit community members are pumped for the current and future updates for Minecraft. I, a true fan of Minecraft, am also excited for its comeback. Hopefully most people from the Fortnite Community also switch to the Minecraft Community.