Opinion: Academics Plus


Academics Plus camp is a great camp to spend 3 weeks of your summer at. It has a great balance between academics and sports. You get to meet new people such as the counselors and other campers. For the first hour and a half we’re in class and then we go out to play a sport for 45 minutes. After that we go to lunch for 50 minutes. The food prepared from the chefs is delicious. After lunch you head to your next two classes. After the two classes you go to the pool. If it’s not that hot we will do a field activity for 20 minutes and we swim for the remaining 40 minutes. Finally at the end of the day we head to the Harris Center to do the camper of the day. If it’s the end of the week we do camper of the week and day. If it’s the end of the session you will do camper of the day, camper for the week, and camper of the session. If you receive camper of the day, you will get candy. If you receive camper of the week, you receive a gift card to various places. If you win camper of the session, you receive Jesuit High School merchandise and a card to go to all of the Jesuit sport home games for free for the next season.