Counselor spotlight: Austin Albee


Jesuit High School counselor, and student, Austin Albee ’20 is a 17 year old teen who was in born in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, on November 30, 2001. He moved to Sacramento when he was 2 1⁄2 and has been raised there since. He Attended Cosumnes River Elementary and Katherine Middle school, and now he Attends Jesuit High School. He does not know what he wants to major in yet, but he has plenty of time to think. Austin’s hobbies are: Video Games (Not fortnite) and Wakeboarding. He has one sister who is currently 15 years old named Brooke. He played Soccer, Baseball, and Basketball when he was younger. Austin’s most unusual talent is leadership. Also his favorite color is green. Some interesting facts about Austin are: He is good at math, bad at writing, and he has been a counselor at Jesuit for 3 years. Austin’s Favorite part about Jesuit is that the teachers are willing to help the kids learn and progress. Austin hopes to attend the University of Washington. He also likes playing League of Legends, and the Legend of Zelda. Austin enjoys Jesuit and hopes other campers and people get to experience it the way he did! The memory of Jesuit will be with Austin Albee the rest of his life. “Once a Marauder always a Marauder.”