Fortnite vs Overwatch

Argument for Fortnite:

I think Fortnite is better than Overwatch for many reasons. Fortnite has an update every week. Fortnite has many modes which you can just jump in and play. Fortnite is also a third person shooter game so you can see your skin in action. Fortnite to Overwatch skins 17:3. Those are my reasons why Fortnite is better.

Argument for Overwatch:

Overwatch is better than Fortnite because Overwatch has better graphics than Fortnite and you don’t have to spend money to buy money in Overwatch. Also, all Overwatch characters have a special ability. For example, Genji is a ninja cyborg that has the power of the green dragon his abilities will be showcased in the video below.

And another hero D.Va rides a huge pink mech and eliminates players on the battlefield.

And who could forget our roller skating healing DJ Lucio!!!

Also Overwatch has mechanical aim, game variety, play style variety, character personalities, and team play.