From tryout to blowout


When he was a kid, Eric Cervantes ’18 never thought he was going to play football.

“My biggest struggle playing football was being undersized,” said Eric.

But when he came to Jesuit High School, his friends recommended it. He tried it out, and, to his surprise, he had fun. Eric ended up playing middle linebacker.

“I like smacking people, not getting smacked,” said Eric.

Jesuit football players become good because they have hard practices. They do conditioning, lift weights, and conduct team drills, which helps players like Eric become better on the field.

His biggest accomplishment was his first sack, and he played well in his last Holy Bowl, which was a blowout (42 to 3).

“We killed them; it was wild and crazy,” said Eric.

He is happy that his friends introduced him to a new sport. He had lots of fun in his years playing football at Jesuit and is sad that he is leaving the team. He hopes to be able to play football with his friends again sometime in the future.