A new head varsity coach


Coach Tim Kelly loves to win. Over the 15 years that he has been at Jesuit High School, he has coached all levels of basketball. Next year, it will be his first time head coaching varsity.

“My expectations for the team are very high,” said Coach Kelly. “I push my team very hard to put out their best effort and push them to be things they thought they could not be.”  

In their freshman year, 60 students try out for the team. By their senior year, only 12 students are still on the team.  On the varsity team there are seniors and juniors mixed in and everyone on the team is a different player, with a variety of different skills.

“When I motivate my team, I have to know what players can do, so they can do their best on the court,” said Coach Kelly.

Last year, the varsity had a great record (22-7). Jesuit’s toughest challenge, however, comes from Sheldon High School, whose players are bigger and more athletic. But next year, Coach Kelly plans to beat them by focusing on his best players and trying to limit their impact on the game.

I like to have my team be free on the court with a higher pace and put lots of pressure on the other teams,” said Coach Kelly.

Yet Coach Kelly likes to do be free on the court while maintaining a couple rules.

“The first rule on the team is to be respectful,” said Coach Kelly. “We help each other out and don’t make fun of each other.”

Thanks to his love of winning and his experience at all levels of basketball, Coach Kelly will be a great coach next year for the Jesuit varsity team. Hopefully, with all the motivation from him, the team will use different skills they thought they could not do.