Advertisement: Jesuit Academics + Fun

Advertisement: Jesuit Academics + Fun

Do you have plans for over the summer? If not, come to academics and enjoy the best experience of your life!

Counselors And Teachers
At this wonderful camp you will receive the best teachers and counselors ! You will have 4 teachers a day, and you will have about 3 to 4 counselors. You will also get a chance to meet all the other counselors than just yours.
At camp, you will get a chance to meet everyone, but if you don’t, you can meet the people in your group. When you come home everyday, you will be talking about how much fun you had with all your new camp!
Math Exploration
You will develop problem-solving skills through the use of critical evaluation, examination, trial and error, and other creative approaches. Math games are used to develop these skills by challenging students to explore new avenues to attack word problems and other complex tasks.

Science and Technology

When you’re a student you will work both individually and in teams as you explore 21st century science and technology.

Creative Writing

This course reviews grammar, reading and composition. Students will read grade-appropriate short stories using reading comprehension skills and will have a great experience .  

The camp will provide essential grammar skills necessary for a strong English foundation that also prove valuable in the study of World Language.

Other fun

That’s not all, you can also play football, swim, play basketball and much more! 


The food here is amazing. You will get a chance to have three different lunches; you will get a different chance to eat something different every day,  plus you can buy stuff like cookies fruit roll ups, salads, and more.