A day in the life of an Academics Plus counselor


Jesuit High School Academics Plus is a summer camp for kids ages 10 – 14 who spend three weeks at camp.

Counselors are high schoolers that attended Jesuit High School or are attending it. They take their group to classes, the pool, and the field to play sports with them. Most counselors enjoy this summer job, including counselor Garrett Kenison.

“I like this job because I wanted to recreate moments I had when I was a camper at Academics Plus,” said Academics Plus counselor Garrett Kenison.

Being a counselor is a great summer job for anyone attending Jesuit High School and Jesuit students should check it out. Other counselors say they would recommend it to anyone with an open summer.

“Having this job is way easier than having a real job and you get a job recommendation from Mr. Palone,” said Garrett Kenison.

Being a counselor for the Academics Plus summer camp can be a fun and easy summer job for Jesuit High School students looking to earn money and making a fun experience for campers.