A day at Academics Plus


Academics Plus is a summer camp at Jesuit High School, where you get to make new friends and new memories.

You get to play a lot of different activities such as speedball, dodgeball, capture the flag, sharks and minnows, and kickball. When you’re not on the field, you get to go in the pool and swim freely with your friends.

After campers go on the field and swim, they go have lunch.

“My favorite food was the chicken caesar salad,” said Caden, a fellow camper at Academics Plus.

After lunch, campers have two classes, then activities like basketball, football, and soccer depending on the week.

“The best part of Academics Plus is all the different sports and meeting new friends”, added Caden.

Not only students get something out of Academics Plus though, but also the teachers who interact with the kids.

“Something satisfying that I find from teaching is seeing the kids grow in knowledge and knowing that they know more that they used to know,” said computers teacher Mr. Grussenmeyer.

Academics Plus, then, is an amazing place to spend your summer.