Academics Plus Teacher


At the Academics Plus summer camp there are many teachers and sometimes as students we wonder, what would it be like to be an Academics Plus teacher. We sat down with one of the teachers  and asked him some questions. Mr. Pavelchik was participant in the interview and he was quite enthusiastic to be included in our interview.

“I coached Mr.Palone in basketball when he was in middle school and so then one day he reached out to me and offered a position to teach at Academics Plus. I jumped on that very quickly.” After we asked him about what motivated him to become a teacher at Academics Plus.  

Mr.Pavelchik is a Jesuit alumni and he has been teaching as an Academic Plus for five years now and he hasn’t just focused on newspaper.

“I have taught at Academics Plus for five years and I had taught some Mathematics and Economics, and now Newspaper.”

Although he does have some prior experience with newspaper.

“I wrote in the Plank when I was at Jesuit and now at my school Mesa Verde, but they don’t have the newspaper, but the students are strongly involved with blogs and other ways of spreading their thoughts.”

Mr. Pavelchik is an amazing teacher and an important person in the Academics Plus community.