Jesuit summertime activities


Ever thought about being a part of Jesuit High School during the summer? Every summer hundreds of kids go to Jesuit for camps and summer school for their interests.  

Activities like summer school and camps like Academics Plus or different sports like basketball or volleyball camps are just a few of the events that take place at Jesuit over the summer. These camps and classes have pushed kids to do there best and have fun doing what they want or need to do for their future.

“Coach Fleming talked me into starting these camps after being an alumni and it has been a great experience,” said director of the camp Academics Plus Coach Sapowith about summertime at Jesuit.

Although these events sound exciting and fun, some students and faculty would argue that all of this can become tiring and can become hard to cope with every morning.

“They have us running around for a good majority of the day then come inside to learn for an hour at a time,” said Jonathan Houston, a student of Academics Plus.

Even though these activities can become tiring to students and teachers, it is being used to benefit them in the future.

“Jesuit is really helping us to succeed. They teach you an extra step for to understand anything that is being taught to you,” said Trenton Dewar, another Academics Plus camper.

Students do at times get tired out from school and the burning summer time weather, but in the end this can prepare them for the real world, where things like this will be constantly happening.

Jesuit is providing students every year with a good productive summer filled with education, sports practice, and even life lessons.