The big man of Jesuit basketball

The big man of Jesuit basketball

Ever since he moved to Jesuit High School, Mr. Timothy Kelly has had the best experience he could ask for.

Mr. Kelly graduated from St. Mary’s in 1997. Then he went to UC Davis and graduated in 2002. He loves basketball and shares this love with the players on the Jesuit basketball team. Mr. Kelly has a passion for working with teenagers.

“It is the most rewarding of my job to work with the students at Jesuit,” said Mr. Kelly.

He began working at Jesuit in 2004 as the Freshman basketball coach and since then has had many jobs at Jesuit, including designated prefect Social Studies teacher, Department Chair, Assistant Dean of Students, and Director of Student Activities.

“Mr. Gregory Harcos ’89 and Coach Ross Evans were instrumental in welcoming me and supporting at Jesuit when I started and continue to this day,” said Mr. Kelly.

Mr Kelly has had a great time at Jesuit and is excited to continue to work here.

“I have the personality that if I didn’t like it here, I would not be working here,” said Mr. Kelly.