A high chance of fun


This year at Jesuit High School’s Academics Plus summer camp, campers are learning about probability in statistics.

The class lasts fifty minutes each day. The first week of class, campers created their own games with dice and cards that have to do with probability. They would convert the amount of points they won from the games into tickets.

The new class had many different opinions on it.

“I like it because of the fun and extremely addicting activities,” said Academics Plus camper Tanner Shelton.

Campers have made charts based off of surveys they made in group work. Some of the posters were based on their favorite flavor of ice cream or whether they were born in california.

“I think the surveys were fun even though most of them included video games and Fortnite,” said Academics Plus camper Eshaan Dhaliwal.

However, some other students think otherwise.

“I don’t like it because it’s not interesting for me. I’ve never really liked math related activities,” said Jon Gonzalez.

Though Mr. Harris’ class is divisive and campers may have differing opinions on the class, campers are lucky to have such an experience.