From the classroom to the court

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a summer camp teacher? Just ask Coach Friedman.

He currently teaches for the Junior Academics Plus part of the camp. He has been an engineering teacher at the fun, energetic camp for about seven years.

“Yeah, I like most if not everything about this camp; I like the kids and how they progressively get to know each other and work together in groups,” said Coach Friedman.  

Coach Friedman enjoys this camp because he gets to know new kids in the area that could possibly be future Marauders.

Coach Friedman has actually been a basketball coach for the freshman and junior varsity teams. He has been coaching the freshman teams for about three years and junior varsity for about 5 years. Currently, he coaches the AAU team, known as the Red Raiders.  

“I really enjoy coaching these boys, though we had a couple tough seasons a while back.  I honestly just think that they had to learn to work together to establish the right chemistry,” said Coach Friedman.  

From being a teacher at Academics Plus to being a coach for the Jesuit Marauders, Coach Friedman surely has a major impact on the students and the campus of Jesuit High School.