Football fun at Academics Plus

Ever thought about coming to Jesuit High School’s Academics Plus camp for the summer? Tons of kids come here to have academic and athletic fun.

For example, football at Academics Plus is a great way to find different character traits in the campers. It’s also a great way to bond with the different campers in the group. Football is  enjoyable, many campers have fun doing it, and it’s fun to have challenges while playing sports.

“I like the way that they play flag football instead of two-hand touch, but I don’t really like how some of the counselors don’t know the rules so it can cause them to argue a little,” said Academics Plus camper Maximus Diepenbrock.

Some campers enjoy how they play safely rather than physical touch, but others have different preferences.

“I like how you can pull different peoples flags, but I also dislike that the games are really short,” said Academics Plus camper Yonathan Cervantes.

Academics Plus football, then, can be enjoyable to many different campers and counselors.