Reviewing Robotics

Reviewing Robotics

Robotics is not an easy thing to do. You have to put a lot of hard work and determination, but, then again, that’s what Jesuit High School is all about.

Most things that the robotics team does is advanced scientific findings, such as how to make advanced robots. The main coaches are Mr. Isaacs and Mrs. Kiyama. They have 19 members on their team, they are mostly seniors, and they tend to recruit 4-6 new members each year.

“The most important thing is that half my team has something to do,” said Hayden Kaufman ‘19, a member of Jesuit robotics.

Each member of the team has their own role to ensure the success of their ROVs.

“I am the electronics lead in my team which means I manage the electronic portions of the team, making sure we have reliable hardware and equipment for our project, but also good communication,” said Hayden Kaufman.

They have made 13 remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs), and because of all of their hard work, they have won many competitions.  If they keep working together then, the Jesuit robotics team will collect even more victories.