Players, coaches, and victories

The Jesuit High School Football team is built upon their excellent players and their dynamic teamwork. With a combination like this, the Jesuit football team is sure to dominate the opposition.

To backup their success, the Jesuit team has records of their famous win streaks. One of the most notable was their ten consecutive game win streak in 2004. This proves that Jesuit is a challenging opponent to beat in their football games.

“Watching the games was very exciting especially when I had my older brother playing on the team,” said Academics Plus camper Jack Donelson.

Though the players are great, all of us have to thank the numerous coaches for the team’s success. They have done a excellent job in educating the players on how to play football, and they turned them into formidable players and men.

“The coaches were great, and they inspired us players to always give our full effort in anything we did,” said Gian Papio ‘20, a former player.

The head coach Marlon Blanton has coached Jesuit’s Varsity football team since 2012. He has had a lot of prior coaching and has coached for St. Patrick’s in Vallejo for fourteen years, and seven years at De La Salle in Concord.

Let’s hope the Jesuit football team will continue to have a great season.